1982 – Die Fledermaus

Die Fledermaus

(The Bat)

Music by Johann Strauss.
New Libretto by Phil Park.

Cast And Credits

  • Stage Director:
  • Musical Director:
  • Rosalinda Eisenstein:
  • Gabriel Eisenstein:
  • Adele (the maid):
  • Doctor Falke (The ‘Bat’ of the story):
  • Alfred (an opera singer):
  • Frank (governor of the prison):
  • Prince Orlofsky (a blasé millionaire):
  • Doctor Blint (a lawyer):
  • Frosch (a bibulous police sergeant):
  • Ida (Adele’s sister):
  • Mitzi (a housemaid):
  • Ivan (Orlofsky’s major domo):


Baron Eisenstein has been sentenced to a week’s imprisonment for contempt of court. Before he goes to jail, he’s persuaded to go, in disguise, to a ball being given by Prince Orlofsky. Three years earlier, Falke, disguised as a bat for a fancy-dress ball, was made to walk home in broad daylight as a joke by Eisenstein and ever since he has been plotting his revenge. Rosalinda sees her husband depart, as she thinks, for prison, and admits her lover, Alfred. The prison governor arrives to collect Eisenstein and assumes Alfred to be him. To protect Rosalinda’s reputation, Alfred volunteers to be taken off to prison as Eisenstein.

At the ball given by Prince Orlofsky, Adele, wearing one of her mistress’s gowns, has gate-crashed the ball. Baron Eisenstein flirts outrageously with her, watched by his wife, whom Falke has disguised as a Hungarian Countess. The Baron then turns his attentions to the mysterious Countess, who manages to get a hold of his watch during their tete-a-tete. The ball ends in praise of champagne and all swearing eternal friendship. The clock strikes six in the morning and Gabriel and Frank go their separate ways to prison.

Eisenstein arrives at the prison to begin his prison sentence. He is amazed to find he is being impersonated by Alfred and furious when he discovers his wife has a lover. Rosalinda counters with the watch the ‘Countess’ obtained at the ball and his flirting with their maid Adele! Falke arrives to explain it was all a joke to get his revenge. Champagne is blamed for the confusion and champagne is drunk to celebrate reconciliation.