2011 – Iolanthe



BOS – incorporating Bromsgrove Musical Productions presents


BOS celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2011 and is returning to Artrix for this year’s production with a story of love, politics and misunderstandings.Iolanthe is one of the most well-known G&S operettas with gorgeous music rousing choruses and enchanting characters.

Gilbert and Sullivan can be enjoyed at their brilliant best in this fanciful comedy of witty and waggish dialogue which though written and first performed over 100 years ago retains the same relevant satire and humour. Gilbert’s lyrical wit and humour combined with Sullivan’s magical music is applied to the political scene where satirical swipes at Liberals and Conservatives are particularly resonant today.

After Iolanthe, a fairy, commits the capital offence of marrying a mortal, she is banished from Fairyland for life. She gives birth to their son, Strephon, who, as a result, is half mortal, half fairy. 25 years later the Queen agrees to Iolanthe’s return. Strephon, his legs mortal while his upper half remains fairy, is engaged to the mortal Phyllis, a ward of the Lord Chancellor. When Phyllis catches him embracing his mother, mistaking her for a 17 year old love rival, the wedding is off. Phyllis turns instead to her guardian and the House of Lords to provide a husband. The Fairy Queen speaks up for Strephon, appointing him a Member of Parliament, along with other punishments – ending their expense accounts, and appointing Lords by competitive examination.

Devotees of G&S and those not so familiar with this comic duos work will enjoy the traditional music and modern vibrant production of enchantment and musical harmony. It is a.topsy-turvy love story involving fairies and members of the House of Lords – a political fairy tale that only Gilbert & Sullivan could conceive and can be assured to delight.

Monday 9th – Saturday 14th May at 7.30pm

Monday: £9

Tuesday – Thursday: £11

Friday and Saturday: £13